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1. Magnavox MDR533H/F7 Hard Disc Drive and DVD Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
Magnavox MDR533H-F7 Hard Disc Drive and DVD Recorder
  • 1080P Up Conversion
  • ATSC Tuner
  • 320GB HDD Memory
  • Record from TV, or HDD to DVD
  • Technical Details: Weight- 6.6 pounds, Dimensions -11.5 x 16.6 x 2.4 inches, Batteries-2 AA batteries required
  • Specification Met- Energy Star
  • Warranty, Labor: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor from the manufacturer

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Price: $229.00buy-now-at-amazon

2. Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
Toshiba DR430
  • Video Resolution 1080p
  • Video Progressive Scan 3:2 Pulldown
  • Audio WMA & MP3 Playback MP3 Only
  • Inputs / Outputs Digital Audio Out 1 Coaxial, S-Video 1 Output, 2 Input
  • RCA Video (Composite) 1 Input, 1 Output, USB Port 1
  • Features Playable Disk Types DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD
  • Video Upconversion: 1080i, 1080p, 720p


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Price: $749.00buy-now-at-amazon

3. Magnavox Mdr537h 1 Tb Hdd Dvd Recorder With Tuner (Black)

Product Specifification
Magnavox MDR537H-F7 HDD-DVD Recorder (Black)
  • Video Resolution 1080p
  • 1080p upconversion. The Magnavox 1TB HDD and DVD Recorder with Tuner lets you watch, forward, rewind or freeze live TV while recording
  • It features 1080p up-conversion
  • 4-way dubbing and Dolby Digital stream out
  • It’s a DVR with a DVD burner and a 1 terabyte hard disk drive (records up to 1252 hours)
  • Replaces your digital to analog converter box
  • Replaces your DVD player
  • It’s a DVR with a DVD burner and a 1 terabyte hard disk drive

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Price: $499.99buy-now-at-amazon

4. Toshiba DR560 1080p Upconverting DVD Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
Toshiba DR560
  • Video Resolution 1080p
  • DVD Recorder and Progressive Scan
  • 1080p Upconversion
  • It is a DVD recorder with Tuner
  • JPEG Photo Viewer
  • Technical Details:Item Weight-7.4 pounds,
  • Product Dimensions-9.7 x 16.5 x 2.3 inches
  • Display Height-2.32 inches
  • Built In Decoders:Dolby Digital/DTS decoder                                                                                                         

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Price: $225.00buy-now-at-amazon

5. Toshiba Dvr620 Dvd/Vhs Dvd Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
Toshiba Dvr620
  • DVD and VHS Recorder with two way dubbing
  • Records -R/-RW, +R/+RW Formats
  • Playback: MP3, VCD, JPEG, Kodak Pic
  • Has DV Input
  • Have both VCR and DVD recording and playback options without any clutter
  • This unit offers Playlist, Rename Title, Replace Title Thumbnail, Chapter Creation and Bi-Directional Dubbing editing features
  • Recording Speed: 1 hr/XP Mode, 2 hr/SP Mode
  • External tuner source is required to record television programming

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Price: $299.95buy-now-at-amazon

6. Funai Zv427fx4 Combination Vcr And Dvd Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
 Funai Zv427fx4
  • 1080P up conversion from HDMI output
  • Archive home movies from VHS tape to DVD
  • Dolby Digital Stream out
  • Line in recording through cable-satellite box
  • Technical Details: Weight- 9.3 pounds,
  • Product Dimensions-10.3 x 17.2 x 4 inches
  • Batteries- 2 AA batteries required. (included)                    
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Price: $199.00buy-now-at-amazon

7. Toshiba Dvr610 1080p Upconverting Tunerless Vhs Dvd Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
Toshiba Dvr610
  • DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
  • Progressive Scan
  • 1080p Upconversion
  • ColorStream Pro JPEG Photo Viewer
  • Technical Details:Weight-9.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions-10.3 x 17.1 x 3.9 inches


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Price: $329.00buy-now-at-amazon

8. Panasonic Dmr-Ez48vp-K 1080p Upconverting Vhs Dvd Recorder With Tuner

Product Specifification
Panasonic Dmr-Ez48vp-K
  • 1080p Upconversion via HDMI. Dub from VHS to DVD
  • Viera Link to Panasonic Televisions
  • Built In Digital Tuner for DVD Recorder
  • Frequently used buttons (Power, Open/Close) are located at the top of the main unit
  • DVD recorder is equipped with a SD Memory Card slot and USB terminal
  • Both the remote control and graphical user interface (GUI) are designed for easy use by everyone

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Price: $900.00buy-now-at-amazon

9. Samsung Dvd-Vr375/Dvd-Vr375a Tunerless Dvd Vhs Combo

Samsung Dvd-Vr375/Dvd-Vr375a
  • EZ Record
  • Multi-format playback – DVD, DVD±R, DVD±RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX(TM)
  • DVD-VR375 / DVD-VR375A are same model
  • Power Requirement: AC 120V~60Hz, 25W
  • Dolby Digital dts decoder
  • Multi-format playback – DVD, DVD±R, DVD±RW, CD,CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX
  • 4 Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
  • ‘NOTE: “A” version refers to a chipset change. There is no functional difference between the two versions; you may receive either.
  • 1080p HDMI Up-Conversion

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Price: $249.00buy-now-at-amazon

10. Sony Rdr-Vxd655 Vhs Dvd Recorder With Tuner

Product Specifification
Sony Rdr-Vxd655
  • HDMI Output with 720p/1080i Upscaling
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM Tuner
  • One-touch Dubbing from DV/D* Camcorder via iLINK port.
  • Flash Rewind – Rewinds a T-120 tape in about 60 seconds
  • 4-Head Hi-Fi VHS Video Cassette Recorder

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Price: $894.00buy-now-at-amazon

screenshot-www.google.co.in 2014-12-15 15-50-01In this busy world we hardly find time to watch our favorite shows and movies, but we are left with no choice other than forgetting about them. However those days are bygone, we are now blessed with technological advancements which have given us ability to record our favorite programs for later viewing…

There are tons of brands in the market that are selling the same product and claim their product to be the best but it is essential for a buyer to do a thorough research and find a reliable source to get best deals in hand…

 Explore More Top Rated DVD Recorders 


 1. MAGNAVOX H2160MW9 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black

Product Specifification
MAGNAVOX H2160MW9 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, Black
  • 1080p Up Conversion.
  • Records up to 180hrs onto 160GB HDD.
  • 4 Way Dubbing (HDD->DVD, DVD->HDD, DV->HDD, DV-> DVD).
  • HDMI Output.

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Price: $175.00buy-now-at-amazon

2. Magnavox MDR557H/F7 1Terabyte Hard Disc Drive Dvd Recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
Magnavox MDR557H-F7 1Terabyte Hard Disc Drive Digital Video Disc Recorder
  • 1252 hours of recording, 1 TB HDD Memory.
  • Records both on Disc & HDD.
  • Pause live TV while recording.
  • 1080P up conversion.
  • HDMI Output.

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Price: $579.99buy-now-at-amazon

3. Toshiba DR570 DVD Recorder with tuner

Product Specifification
Toshiba DR570 DVD Recorder-Player - Black
  • Built In ATSC, QAM, NTSC Tuner
  • Playback , MP3, VCD, JPEG, Kodak Pic.
  • Records -R or -RW, +R or +RW Formats.
  • 1080P Upconversion
  • It has DV Input

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Price: $429.00buy-now-at-amazon

4. Philips DVDR3575H/37 1080p Upscaling OTA HDTV Hard disk/ DVD recorder with Tuner

Product Specifification
 Philips DVDR3575H/37  
  • Built in digital SDTV tuner.
  • Receive HD boradcasts.
  • Dual Media play.
  • Records in DVD+R+RW and DVD-R-RW.
  • 1080i upscaling.
  • HD picture performance.
  • i-Link for connecting to camcorder.
  • Plays MP3/WMA, Video CD’s, CD-R-RW.

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star-rating119 Customer Reviews Price: $429.95 buy-now-at-amazon

5. Magnavox MDR515H 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner

Product Specifification
Magnavox MDR515H 500GB HDD and DVD-R with Digital Tuner
  •  Dolby Digital Stream Out
  • It has 1080p Up conversion
  • HDMI Output
  • Technical Details: Weight- 7.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions- 11.5 x 16.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Records up to 620hrs onto 500GB HDD
  • Provides 4-way dubbing (HDD to DVD, DVD to HDD, DV to HDD, DV to DVD)

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Price: $799.00buy-now-at-amazon

Know More About DVD Recorder With Tuner

  • A DVD recorder with tuner is a device that is used to record a movie or television show using Optical disc recording technologies.
  • You can use DVD recorder with tuner as install-able drives for computers and also as separate components for television studios or home theater systems.
  • You can transfer your home videos by connecting a video camcorder to the DVD recorder.
  • A DVD recorder with tuner allows you to watch one program while recording another.
  • The info is transferred directly to a hard disc like a DVD-R.
  • It doesn’t support a hard drive for later viewing. You can choose to buy modern DVD recorder with tuner with brand-new features and technology.

Why need a TV Tuner?

  • For recording anything from your television, like your favorite shows or games, you need to make sure that you have a  DVD recorder with tuner.
  • A TV tuner is used to receive signals on a television, which converts signals into pictures and sounds. The conventional tuners were simply like dials used to change channels.
  • An elementary tuner is available in most TVs.
  • In United States around 2007, televisions needed to have a digital tuner to pick up digital signals by antenna.
  • Additionally, people also have TV tuner cards that allow them to receive television programs on a computer screen. Basically, this can transform a computer to a TV. Still confused? You can read the Buyer’s Guide and get answers to your questions related to DVD recorder with tuner.

What is DVR or TiVo?

  • TiVo aka DVR is a subscription based service that has the ability to program and record your favorite television programs and movies.
  • DVR can be scheduled to record a complete series when it is broadcasted, automatically record your favorite movies, and you can watch a program even if TiVo is in the mid of recording it.

The Contrast Between TiVo and DVD Recorders

  • Various DVD recorders are as well DVRs. Means they have an internal hard drive which can store recorded programs like TV shows, then later on you can choose to record those programs to a DVD-R or RW.
  • This blend of DVD recorders and DVRs works exactly like a DVD recorder with tuner.

You can watch this amazing video to learn  how helpful these DVD Recorders are…..and how they can change your life !